We are in an existential crisis, and I am compelled to channel this and respond through my work.  Although abstract, my paintings and works on paper have become much more objective or referential in the last two years, moving towards an abstract symbolism.  There is now usually a figure and ground, with drawn and painted elements that are made to slip between readings, structures in motion with a circuitous, nuclear fury; a moment at the edge of form and formlessness.  I am attempting to give each of my paintings or works on paper a certain kind of energy, lately it has been a Howl. 

Each piece in my current series is numbered and titled Aufhocker - a formless demon of German folklore that oppresses victims under it’s own crushing weight.  Each layer of these collaged and painted works are both an act of creation and of negation.  Through this work, my repertoire is expanding after a long period of distillation, integrating new media and experimenting with new forms, while the language is becoming more pointed and critical.  

MNG, March 1, 2017